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5 tips for married couples to recharge their sex lives

COVID19 has impacted almost every part of our existence including the sex life for married couples.

This pandemic has brought people closer together on a more consistent basis from simply being at home all the time, remote work, and having to quarantine but a recent study from The Kinsey Institute found this does not mean it correlates to better sex life.

Their survey found, after the pandemic hit, nearly half said their sex lives were in decline.

Tino Dietrich, CEO of Ella Paradis and intimacy expert, has put together five tips for married couples to recharge their sex lives:

Make an effort: It can be easy to fall into a routine now with your partner which can make things feel stagnant if you’re not cautious. Use this time to lay the groundwork and discover what aspects of your relationship need to be improved, this can be beneficial to improving intimacy.

Be vocal with your needs: Now more than ever, it’s time to speak up. Talking to your partner about your wants, needs or concerns can set the foundation for building a more pleasurable and compatible relationship. These conversations will be extremely beneficial in strengthening your marriage in the long run.

Put the phone down and increase your facetime: For those who are quarantining together, it’s important to set aside time to enjoy each other’s company in shared spaces such as the dinner table, on the couch, cooking dinner together, dancing to your favorite music, etc. A time where you aren't staring at your phone but fully present with your partner.

Switch it up: Try something new. Oftentimes married couples can get caught in doing the same things with their partner on an ongoing basis and lose the special magic spark. Whether it's using sex toys or experimenting with what you physically do together, testing out something new can help keep the intimacy alive.

Try to alleviate your loved ones' stress: One of the primary triggers this survey found for a reduction in intimacy in married couples is an increase in chronic stress. Help to alleviate that stress for your couple whether it's being a sounding board, a nice massage, helping them with errands or chores they normally work on. You are a team at the end of the day. Don't let them deal with chronic stress alone.

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