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A stamped placemat to fall in love with

In the month of the love I would like to share with you this lovely hand-stamped placemat. It is super easy to do, and it can be personalised too

I am mad about polkadots, I would use them everywhere! This DIY is really easy to do, perfect for when we want to do something special, but we don't have much time.

You can use any phrase you choose, or perhaps the name of your loved one.

On this occasion I got inspired by the month of the love so I chosel´amour”.

You will need:

  1. A placemat or piece of fabric to do the placemat (I recommend cotton).

  2. Fabric paint (please check as some of them only work on pure cotton) or permanent markers (black and red).

  3. A pencil with a clean rubber or a cork.

  4. An iron to fix the paint.


Make a drawing of your idea. This may sound silly, but it helps to visualise it.

Iron the fabric to make it easier to write on.

Write lightly in the middle of the fabric your chosen phrase.

Protect the surface underneath before you start painting.

With the marker or paint, cover your penciled phrase.

Now it is time for the polka dots! I was going to make some bigger dots with a cork and some smaller with the pencil's rubber, but my cork wasn't very good for stamping. I was lucky enough to make a test beforehand on a piece of old fabric. This is always a good idea!

Once you have finished the dots, leave it to dry, and iron on high temperature to fix the paint.

I hope that you have enjoyed this DIY as much as I did!

Enjoy the love in your lives! What would we do without it? :)

Keep safe, and see you next time.

Blog credit to Soy un mix. You can follow Mechi on instagram @soyunmix and

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