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DIY shelf with a tree branch

This is a good option to fill a wall in a room, because if you grab a large branch, it takes up a lot of space and you can also put several things on top!

During our last vacation (a long time ago), we went to an eco-farm. We had a picnic with my friends and their children, we spent the whole day there lying on the grass, while the 9 boys ran and played all over the farm.

At one point, my son appeared with a huge branch saying that he wanted to take it home.

At that very moment, an image that I once saw on Pinterest came to mind , where they had done something very similar to this that I am going to show you.

The problem was negotiating the branch with my son because he did not want to give it up! haha. It wasn't easy but I did it. :)


  • Tree branch (thick enough to support things!)

  • Rope in some fun color

  • White spray paint


  1. Paint the branch. One or two coats of paint. This will depend on whether you want it to be very white or that it barely covers the branch. Let it dry well.

  2. Tie the rope at both ends and hang. And voila!

Blog credit to Soy un mix. You can follow Mechi on instagram @soyunmix and

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