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Greenland (15)

Punctuated by special effects-laden action sequences that reduce capital cities to smouldering rubble, Greenland is an entertaining disaster movie that chooses to glimpse the devastation through the eyes of one desperate family in transit.

Gerard Butler broods and swaggers as the father of the clan, specifically referencing his Scottish burr in expository dialogue, while Morena Baccarin and young co-star Roger Dale Floyd are put through the emotional wringer in harrowing scenes with two passing Samaritans (David Denman, Hope Davis).

Deviations from plausibility are fleeting to maintain a strong emotional focus on characters and their plight.

The darkness coursing beneath the surface of Chris Sparling’s muscular script is surprisingly vivid – when the end is nigh, the ugliest facets of the human condition are exposed.

If a stray comet doesn’t kill us, greed, envy and wrath will.

Rating: Three stars

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