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How to Build Cosiness Into Your Home

In the last article, we discussed the current importance of “home” and about it being your sanctuary and a place of refuge, joy and peace. Developing on this theme, I would like to use this issue to discuss those small touches and flourishes that make your home, yours. In particular, as the summer ends and we look forward to autumn and winter, it is important to add those finishing touches that make your living spaces that bit cosier. Cosiness and comfort is about so much more than just adding a few extra throws, rugs or cushions and, it does not just have to be about those colder months. Colour, texture and soft light fittings all play a large role in making us feel homely.

How to utilise colour and texture Texture and colour is not just about visual interest. In terms of cosiness, it is a way to bring in all sorts of warming touches. Exposed stone on walls, timber flooring or other natural materials in the home make rooms feel snug. This is because we subliminally associate these materials with keeping us safe and sheltered. Likewise, colour plays a large role in keeping us relaxed and colour is definitely the “in” look. Using super-matt paints, that absorb as much light as possible help keep that warm look and take away some of the harshness associated with LED lighting. Sage green, dark greens, dark and mid-tone blues and dusty pinks are particularly on trend right now and we expect this to be the case for some time to come.

Lighting Consider using occasional lamps, these are perfect for providing a low-level soothing glow. Dimmers on all other light fixtures – from pendants and spotlights to wall lights – will give you complete flexibility to reduce light intensity. Mixing low level lighting from lamps and adding dimmer switches are a good way to boost the cosy factor so it becomes less like task lighting and more about ambience. Ensure that your lamps all have a matching kelvin count, around 3000 k is a soft light, whereas 4500 and above is too bright for a cosy look.

Little Touches The presence of comforting things like family photos and ornaments are all on trend again, clusters of candles of different heights with posh matches to hand so it is clear they’re not just for show. Adding some artwork with the tiniest hint of your colour scheme will contribute to creating an atmosphere that is subtly coordinated. Try to consider what would make you enjoy spending time in a room and a desire to stay there longer. I did say it was not all about throws, rugs and cushions; however, they do play their part. Rugs, throws and cushions correctly placed, bring a lot of softness to a room and importantly alter the acoustics; likewise, they are easy on the eye. Those who have sampled our Neptune Home collection can confirm to how comfortable they are! After the difficult times we have had recently, we could all do with a bit more comfort in our lives. Cosiness isn’t all about being warm and snug (though that has a lot to do with it) - it’s about what people find comforting. You will not go wrong adding these touches to your home to make it cosy. If in doubt about putting all this together ask about the Channel Island Ceramics Home Design Service.

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