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How to throw a party in lockdown

Birthdays are times to celebrate, eat cake, get together with friends and book a meal at a restaurant. What happens when your birthday arrives during lockdown?

We are pleased to let you know that you can still have a great party to remember!

I have also seen people ordering ‘lockdown birthday’ banners and ‘I turned 40 in lockdown’ t-shirts. There are lots of ways to make this day memorable!

Locally we are so blessed to have so many choices of quality food delivered straight to your door!

Plan ahead

Do you fancy a fry up bacon and eggs breakfast? Strawberries and champagne? Steak and chips for tea? Chocolate cake? Look up the local ordering services that we have available and order in those yummy treats allowing enough time for delivery so that you have everything to hand on your special day. Such as Manor Farm and Forest Stores and more.

Look local to see what gifts can be delivered to your door also such as some pampering from Plaisirs or a luxurious hamper from Hanois hampers

Banners and balloons can be ordered in, cups and plates and all party accessories. We have put together some free printable party in a box for you here.

Plan a surprise

Zoom birthday parties and Facebook parties are used often and are a great way to engage with friends online to have a virtual party. If you want to go one step further to arrange something for someone and especially if it’s a ‘special birthday’ you can contact your friends on messenger or whatsapp and ask them if they would please record themselves saying a special happy birthday message or singing happy birthday and send the videos to you, you can then screen cast or chromecast your screen onto the telly on the birthday and play all those personal happy birthday messages to your special someone. I did this for my husbands 40th lockdown birthday last year.

Take your time

Many people with young children say that the great thing about a lockdown party was the fact that their child had time, they had time to open their gifts, they had all day to play with their gifts with no pressure to be here or there and best of all no guests means no other children trying to grab their brand new toys! Families also say it is a chilled out special family time.

On my lockdown birthday last year we had a fry up breakfast courtesy of Forest Stores butchers, we ordered in a couple of dvds to watch later, we had some wine delivered for the evening, cake of course! In the afternoon we were able to have a leisurely walk together and take lots of selfies of us having fun, the day was slow and relaxed and enjoyable.


Iris and Dora our local craft supplier offer home delivery for craft supplies and pottery to paint.

Whatever you decide and whatever you do I promise you that your lockdown birthday is going to be a birthday to remember! It may not be the meal out at the restaurant party that you had planned but it can involve lots of delicious things to eat, fun things to do, something delicious to drink, an indulgent cake and something entertaining to watch, plus extra time with your nearest and dearest and don’t forget to get some fresh air, it really does do wonders!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful birthday!

Keep safe and enjoy!

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