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Minecraft kind of shopping

Put together a pickaxe, snap together a sword and assemble some armor and you’re all set for a perfectly adequate adventure in Minecraft! Can we apply this magic to shopping and cooking too?

Something that I have learned quickly during our last lockdown was how to improvise meals with a few basic ingredients that I always make sure I have in stock. Working from home and homeschooling the kids meant that I couldn't go and stand in a queue very often so I had to shop wisely and plan my meals.

If you don't order your milk from your milkman I highly recommend you to start doing it. They can bring to your door much more that milk. Cream, eggs, butter, cheese, juice, smoothies, etc

My milkman brings me eggs, milk, butter, cream, orange juice and cheese these days and I always make sure that I have flour, cocoa powder, oats, honey, sugar, mince meat, frozen or canned beans, fruit, vegetable, white vinegar, oil, pasta, rice, condensed milk, minced meat, yeast, bacon and chicken.

Don't forget that your milkman can bring much more than milk to your door.


I love mincemeat because it is very versatile, from meatballs, to burgers, chilli con carne, shepherds pie and more. You can have a huge variety of meals. I even have a book about cooking with mince and we will be sharing some of those recipes with you here.

Sponge instead of biscuits

Something else that I started doing was baking a sponge once a week in a rectangular baking tin as a replacement for biscuits. You just need flour, eggs, butter and sugar and then depending on the flavour you like you can add either cocoa powder, vanilla escence or orange juice, etc. Read here a quick and easy sponger recipe.


With just flour, egg, milk and oil you can make pastry for pies and more.

Ice cream

Check my ice-cream recipe that takes only three ingredients and it is yummy.

If you have any tips to share please send them to us.

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