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More Than a Woman

If you liked Caitlin Moran’s bestselling memoir, How to Be A Woman, then you’re going to love its sequel, More Than a Woman.

The award-winning columnist is back to her absolute best, injecting her characteristically witty observations and searing honesty into familiar, everyday musings on middle-age.

Vividly encapsulating 24 hours in the average life of a plus-40-something female, nothing is off-limits for Moran, as she offers ‘nuggets’ of knowledge to younger generations on everything from mental health and feminism to motherhood and personal maintenance. The ‘fearlessness’ of growing old rubs alongside the trials and tribulations of daily domestic duties, including the constant task of ticking off items on the never-ending ‘To-Do’ list, appeasing teenage daughters and caring for ageing parents.

A self-proclaimed ‘manifesto for change’, More Than a Woman is an acknowledgement of all the things that women feel they should be by their 40s and a tribute to everything that they are – which in itself makes it a compelling read.

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