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Pots made with tins and vintage labels

This DIY cost virtually no money and it looks great. It is SO easy to do that I can hardly even call it DIY - ha!

You will need:

  1. Printed labels (on your home printer) Here is the link to download thousands of free labels from Pinterest

  2. Tins

  3. Brush

  4. Scissors

  5. Glue


Cut the label and stick it over the tin

Paint over it with the same glue

Leave it to dry for one hour

Now there are no excuses to keep the plants in boring pots. If your kids want to join you even better! It is good to teach them to love and look after the plants from an early age :)

You may want to punch a hole in the base to allow excess water to run out.

See you next time.

Blog credit to Soy un mix. You can follow Mechi on instagram @soyunmix and

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