Sparky Number


I am sure you will all be aware that we are being encouraged to switch from petrol and diesel to electric cars. Having never driven a fully electric car I was excited to be given a chance to test drive the new EV6 from Kia, the third electric vehicle in their range or electric cars.

I have to admit when I saw this car for the first time I was impressed by this sportily styled crossover in Yacht blue, which being a lover of the sea was a match made in heaven. The ever helpful Robert Cornelius was there to greet me and show me around the car and explain how all it all worked.

Whilst there is no great difference in the way an electric operates there are some super cool features with comfortable even vegan leather upholstery as standard to further boost its green sustainability credentials. Once sat inside the interior is like nothing I had seen before, with a feeling that you are one with the car and that it is very much driver-focused. With the colder weather approaching, I was pleased to find there were heated seats. The panoramic sunroof made the interior feel really bright and airy.

Introduction completed, I just wanted to get driving as I had a good feeling this was going to be special. Sat inside the spacious interior I am faced by a pair of 12.3 inch screens which provides all the instrumentation on one and functions on the other, all very space age, but intuitive to navigate. So a quick push of the starter button and immediately you notice how quiet the car is. Once on the road you soon appreciate just how instant and smooth the acceleration is with an electric car, it is truly satisfying. You could reach 35mph as quick as a supercar, however, you always feel safe and secure on the road. Speeding was not an issue as there are many safety features to keep you in check: you can see the speedometer displayed in the window and warnings appear should you approach the speed limit.

It really wasn’t all about speed and looks; I really liked all the safety features, the car will brake for you as it anticipates you are slowing down, it will let you know if you are slightly veering to the middle of the road and what really impressed me, was the camera visuals on indication, that really helps you anticipate any unforeseen hazards lurking down the sides of your car.

I loved every minute of it and was even pleased when I got lost in the Pleinmont lanes so that I could drive this car for longer. The steering is nicely weighted, handling spot on and the suspension irons out any bumps in the road.

Speak of electric vehicles and most people would worry about running out of charge. This EV6 has a range of more than 300 miles when fully charged, which would probably last for a week for most Guernsey residents. There are more charging points springing up around the island or if possible you can install a home charger. Should you take the EV6 off the island it would take around 18 minutes for an 80% charge.

Electric vehicles do currently carry a price premium over their petrol equivalents but I am sure many would think that this is a small price to help save our planet.

Kia will take you into the electric future without ever having to worry about whether you’ll arrive at your destination. I have always thought I would go electric one day; well that day might be sooner than I think after driving this impressive car.