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Synchronic (15)

Co-directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, whose previous film was the mind-bending sci-fi thriller The Endless, Synchronic continues to indulge the filmmakers’ fascination with bending the laws of physics.

A neat central premise about two New Orleans paramedics investigating a deadly designer drug builds a dramatic head of steam, allowing for some visually arresting flashes as one character travels through time and learns that the past can kill.

The plot skirts uncomfortably close to preposterousness in a hurried final act but Anthony Mackie’s sincere performance, as a man with a ticking timebomb in his head, papers over some of the cracks.

Jamie Dornan is sidelined for extended periods and when the narrative requires his support, there’s not a great deal of emotional heavy lifting required from the County Down-born actor.

Rating: Three stars

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