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Take 3 for Guernsey

Organised beach cleans are currently on hold, but this doesn't mean the litter has stopped washing up, so if you're hitting the beach for your 2 hours exercise let’s #take3forguernsey

What we are asking islanders to do is grab three pieces of litter while out on their daily exercise, take a pic of the rubbish and a selfie or shot of the location and then share on social media using the hashtag #take3forguernsey - or if you are in Alderney #take3foralderney

We think it's really important whilst we are all concerned about public health we still think about our impacts on other species, picking up litter is just one of those easy things we can all do to support wildlife.

Make sure when out you keep social distanced, safe and sanitised - if you're grabbing litter be sure to wash your hands thoroughly once home. We recommend only picking up shoreline litter, and have seen many islanders doing so with gloves or litter pickers.

Keep safe

Pierre Ehmann, Green Guerns

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