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The Power of Lips

Lips can be a very controversial subject but let’s tackle this issue and shed some light on how important they really are

Often a total giveaway of how old or young a person is, lips definitely deserve some attention especially as they are usually the most neglected part of our regimes but super easy to look after!

Basic care

We have all experienced dehydrated lips especially this time of year when it’s cold outside and the heating is on full blast inside. Daily use of a moisturizing lip balm with an SPF will help to prevent sun damage, wrinkling, dryness and chapping.

Smoking is another huge factor in lip care for obvious reasons. Depleting the delicate lip skin of oxygen and dramatically increasing collagen degradation. Smokers will often find that their lips will thin much quicker compared to other non-smokers of their age. Smoking also causes you to purse your lips, this constant pulling of the skin over the years results in lines developing around the mouth. These barcodes, as we call them, also form in non-smokers from simple muscle movement around the mouth from talking, eating, drinking and the occasional kiss!

Facts of ageing

Lips thin for the same reason our skin ages: collagen loss. Collagen practically holds us together and from our 20’s (yelp!!) we start to lose precious collagen and our skins natural integrity and volume declines. Essentially meaning our lips deflate over time.

It’s not too late to reverse the clock!

Yes we can talk about drinking gallons of water and following a healthy diet, but for a lot of us we want, and may need, slightly more than this. Dermal filler...there we go some of you may now be scrolling on thinking ‘I’d never do such a thing’ well then you’ve probably been watching botched bodies or the Kardashians. I can honestly say good work goes unnoticed, fact!

Full lips signal both youth and vitality. Science proves that our eyes are drawn to shape and structure as indicators of youth. So by simply restoring the lip line and adding plumpness back into the lips you get instant rejuvenation. It always amazes me that such a minor treatment can make a huge impact, as you can see in these pictures…

It is important to note that when a woman ‘gets her lips done’ that she is doing it for the right reasons and only doing it for herself. Rejuvenating the mouth area can take years off and, when done correctly, is unnoticeable. You’ll just have people wondering why you look so good!

For more information please enquire using the link below and our professional medical team will be happy to help you.

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