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The rise in male beauty

In our ever changing world of social media and the copious amount of influencers flooding our feeds it is no wonder why some people feel the urge to change how they look. This obviously comes with negatives, mostly the increasing pressure to look perfect. I must admit the one positive out of all of this is men are finally not embarrassed about allowing themselves to have the odd treatment to feel great!

It’s now ‘acceptable’ in this very judgmental world we live in for men to want to look after their skin. We are seeing increasing numbers of male patients interested in the world of aesthetics, some just simply want to use good skincare or start having regular treatments to keep their skin healthy. A lot of men would unfortunately still get a bit of stick from ‘the lads’ if they knew what they were doing, but I feel times are changing...

We understand frozen foreheads and pinched cheeks don’t look good on anyone which is why it is important to understand what the patients concerns are and that the correct approach be taken.

Most commonly in males we do see a deficiency in the fatty pads in the mid face, making them look tired. Restoring facial anatomy is easily corrected by replacing the volume that has been lost giving a more youthful appearance.

Not only is it being lean that can result in this change but simple ageing can do this too as shown in the photo below…

It is also common for men to have muscle relaxing injections around the eyes and forehead to soften the lines here. It’s not just injectables we are seeing a rise in but skin rejuvenation treatments too such as radiofrequency microneedling and various laser treatments to improve skin texture and tone.

This predominantly female driven market is very quickly transforming. Anyone should be able to seek advice freely, and to not feel ashamed to do so is a win for all males out there!

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