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Two by two (U)

The alarmist subtitle of Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack’s computer-animated adventure, replete with dramatic punctuation, suggests pent-up enthusiasm waiting to explode.

Sadly, the sequel to the 2015 European co-production Two By Two adopts a slow, steady rate of knots as it continues to expand the biblical story of Noah from chapters of the book of Genesis into a heartfelt sermon about never judging a creature by its appearance.

Visual sophistication is lacking, which is particularly noticeable when characters and inanimate objects like barrels interact with water and produce disconcertingly few splashes or ripples.

Fleeting humour is simplistic and aimed at younger viewers including a limp running joke involving a tardy hippopotamus, which thunders in at the end of scenes and gasps breathlessly, “What did I miss?”

Don’t be surprised if someone indulges the wheezing ungulate and answers back: “Not much”.

Rating: Two stars

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