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Welcome to September Issue

Well hello readers, and a warm welcome to the September issue of GYone magazine. It has been an absolute blast getting this issue together! I know you will love it because I had the biggest smile on my face when I pressed the button to send it to print. I also felt a genuine sense of pride that I wanted to share with you. It isn’t because I am a super-duper editor, because it isn’t about me but the team around me. Many others contribute to our lovely little magazine: local businesses, experts, talented writers and fabulous photographers, to name just a few. So much thought and time go into each issue, and I couldn’t do any of it without each and every one of them. I also couldn’t begin to put together a magazine without the incredible stories of inspirational people who just blow me away with every interview. One close to my heart in this issue, proudly donning our cover, is Gary Burgess. I feel truly blessed to call Gary both a friend and a respected colleague, and I was so happy that he took the opportunity to share a few touching words with our readers. Quite simply, it is a beautiful, moving read that I know you will enjoy. We also have incredible people like Rachael and Anthony who feature in an open interview about mental health in this issue. Anthony deserves the biggest hug ever; what a journey he has had and he just keeps smiling, radiating positivity while accomplishing so much. Rachael has been such an important part of his story, but I won’t say any more - you can turn to page page 20 to read about their special friendship for yourself. Our eating out column with Jo is another must-read in this issue. I don’t know how she stays so slim with all of the fabulous food she gets to taste on your behalf. I, for one, find her columns so helpful in choosing where to eat locally – we are so lucky to have so many fantastic restaurants right here in Guernsey. If you are looking for advice on property we have that too and many other sections on topics that we look for especially for you. In a nutshell, I hope you will be as proud and inspired as I am after reading this special issue of GYone magazine. The themes of hope, positivity and friendship run throughout, spreading the feel-good factor as we wave goodbye to the summer and prepare to greet the autumn months ahead. Enjoy!

Love Susie xx

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